Pinterest Extends Your Blog Reach

How to become a Pinterest power user.

By Kevin RR Williams

SOCIAL MEDIA Page views from Pinterest currently average about 15 percent of the monthly traffic to this site. Could you benefit from a similar increase in site visitors? Follow the tips I learned firsthand to turn Pinterest into a site-traffic generator.

Though I recognize the relationship between blog traffic and site ranking, it's not my goal to join every social network. Most are time consuming and unrewarding. My tendency towards efficiency makes me extremely selective about which social media platforms are beneficial. Pinterest makes the short list.

Pinterest is a social media website based on the idea of themed "boards" onto which a user "pins" images in any of several user-named public or private categories. Twitter supports images but is primarily for text messages up to 140 characters. Few people feel like scrolling through hundreds of tweets. They are more likely to skim through the most current page and see if there are any tweets that mention them by name. Despite having numerous Twitter Lists, I recently created two more — a public one called Foodies and a private short list with Important People. Such lists help to cut through all the Twitter noise and view the tweets you most care about.

The photocentric approach is apparently more appealing to at least 12 million Pinterest members — and pictures transcend language. People actually scroll through hundreds of photos, looking for something that "jumps out" at them. Like Google, people can search to their heart's content. It's possible to search pinners or pins. Both Twitter and Pinterest have hashtags in common.

A key advantage to Pinterest membership is that you can benefit from increased exposure. Because of Pinterest popularity, don't be surprised to see your pins or even entire boards show up in the top spot of major search results. Search the title of this blog, "A Bit More Healthy" on Google or Bing as an example. Such increased exposure can improve your overall Google ranking and site visits.

Anyone having a Pin It bookmarklet in their browser can pin a page with a photo or compatible video from your website to a Pinterest board. But what if you have content that you do not wish to be shared? Simply add a meta data string within the HTML head area of each page on which you wish to suppress pinning. (Example on homepage.)

<meta name="pinterest" content="nopin" />

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