Conversations Live After Death

Effects of Death on the Living

How do patients, doctors and health care agents cope with emotional aspects of death?

By Kevin RR Williams

GUEST BLOG The article originally entitled, "Conversations Live After Death" is a retrospect of discussions with friends and loved ones who are no longer around. Renamed, "How do physicians cope with the emotional aspects of death," this poignant guest post appears on with a syndicated circulation of nearly 1 million. It is an honor to be featured again in this distinguished medical blog.

I have the paradoxical privilege of being an emergency medical contact for dozens of people. Have you completed a healthcare medical directive with durable power of attorney? [1] While reviewing a DPA with others, I strive to understand their choices in delicate life-or-death situations. This has me confronting death more often than many people… Continue reading on

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  2. Image by Denis Kartavenko licensed from iStock Photo.