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By Kevin RR Williams

RESEARCH It should be no surprise that designs posters for the scientific community. We transform data recorded on spreadsheets and word-processing files into beautiful printed posters and ePosters.

Events like the upcoming AAD meeting have featured our poster designs for prominent corporations since 1995. There are advantages to having exposure that extends beyond a week-long event.

Your Abstract Here

During 2013, is graciously offering companies one complimentary abstract publication with a link back to an external website where full text may be found. This is free publicity to an audience that is on its way to doubling during 2013 to the neighborhood of 200,000. Every article published in this blog is also publicized (tweeted) on Twitter.

It's easy for you to get in on this. Just fill out the abstract submission form. This link is on the main blog landing page. For multiple abstracts, more detailed abstracts with images and preferred placement, either on certain dates or within A Bit Healthy Newsletter, companies can use the order form in the online store.

You Should Be Easily Located

If no one is reading the results, what good is the funding and months or years spent researching? Event sponsors may display abstracts for a limited time and may require password access. Unfortunately, these are an impediment to organic discovery that occurs through Web search engines every day.

Search the web for "clinical posters" and it returns over 7 million page results. Which site is at the top. I'm going to go out on a limb and say, it isn't your website. The fact is, has proven methods of getting your important research in front of others. What are some benefits of appearing on such a prominent site?

  1. Peer recognition that goes beyond vanity. This could lead to public speaking or consultation requests from new colleagues.
  2. Citations for reference. Authors are more accurately attributed when fully credited abstracts are easily accessible.
  3. More grants. Sponsors are influenced by multiple web references when searching author names and poster titles.

Whether or not the site visitor has landed here looking for your article, organic discovery takes place throughout Indexed every night, the site-wide Search field allows visitors to locate related articles. A separate search engine within the online store returns a populated site-wide Search field when anatomy posters are not found. This can generate more page views for clinical posters you have authored on the queried subject.

Add it up. As a scientist, you get exposure in a blog positioned at the top spot for Google searches, a link to a website with full text, and social media promotion — for up to 12 articles for the year. Don't miss your first month's submission.