Have Something Nice To Say

Have Something Nice To Say

Call me maybe.

By Kevin RR Williams

TECHNOLOGY Amy has become a key figure in your online shopping experience. She knows when, where and how to apply discounts. She keeps track of health awareness months — at least a couple in January — and knows the best time to checkout. All of this and her education isn't complete. Yet, for your benefit, she's at Store.ClinicalPosters.com 24 hours per day, ready to interject comments at appropriate times with no annoying pop-ups or cartoons.

Back Talk

Well guess what. Conversation is not a one-way street. Your input is just as valuable as Amy's. Perhaps a page is not functioning properly or there's a browser incompatibility. Maybe you are having difficulty checking the status of an order. Amy will attempt to be as intuitive as possible but without your input, a specific concern may not be addressed. Perhaps you just want to tell Amy how wonderful your shopping experience was or compliment her on her graphical user interface. We serve an international audience. Time zones prevent many shoppers from picking up the phone. Now you can chat with Amy without any phone charges.

Think how awesome it would be to say your online order and have Amy fill your shopping cart before delivering your posters. Bubble burst. This is Amy, not Siri. By chat with Amy I mean you can speak to your computer to leave a voice message on any product page in the store where the unobtrusive Chat With Amy tab appears. Of course, you can still send email or use the Contact form. Customers who login may also type private comments while their orders are pending. But on occasions when talking is more expeditious, you can literally get a word in edge wise.

Amy’s Etiquete

Though we would love to hear from you, there is no obligation to use the speech service. It's like Mom used to say: "If you don't have anything nice to say…" For those with juicy gossip to share (about work, of course), Amy is all ears — figuratively speaking of course — she has other body parts (on paper), but I digress. Using the speech feature is easy.

  1. From desktop or laptop computer with microphone. Tap the Chat With Amy tab.
  2. Press the Start Recording button.
  3. Leave your name and contact information if you desire a response.
  4. Press Send when you're done speaking.

Your message along with the page link will be sent to a knowledgeable and courteous customer service representatives to act upon. This technology is powered by beta SpeakPipe software. As such, we reserve the right to disable it for any reason. Features and appearance are subject to change. Currently it is incompatible with smartphones and tablets that do not support Flash. Help test it out. Visit any product page in the online store or join our email list in the sidebar to see it in action.

SpeakPipe beta trial ends March 1, 2013 so speak up before it gets taken down. Also, a February 2013 update includes iPhone and Android compatibility.

Don't be shy. I'll be listening for you. Your production need not be as elaborate as Jimmy Fallon, Carly Rae Jepsen and The Roots singing "Call Me Maybe," and trust me, there's no video. A few words are sufficient. I look forward to hearing you soon!

Image by Alexander Novikov licensed from iStock Photo.