Primped Up Anatomy Store Makeover

Our human anatomy store is bigger, brighter, smarter and more social.

By Amy Storey

SHOPPING Educators and specialists benefit from being surrounded by informative graphics to augment spoken words. It projects a more authoritative environment among patients, students and clientele. Whether you're a nutritionist that teaches others about the importance of a healthy diet or a physician that needs to convey a delicate diagnosis to a patient in an examination room or medical office, our online store contains hundreds of human anatomy poster solutions for education or decoration.

Bigger, Brighter And More Sociable

Meet our online shopping cart. Her name is Amy Storey. She is becoming popular on literal and figurative campuses. Colleges and universities hang anatomy posters in classrooms. As a Twitter cheerleader, Amy has begun posting pictures on Pinterest. Recently, a powerful Recommend button was added that allows her to reward email recommendations with instant rebate codes. From regularly pumping iron, our muscles get bigger. Amy's graphics have been enlarged and enhanced with more definition. No wonder this popular gal has so much to share through social media.

Our Store Got Smarter

Amy is pretty good with numbers too. Backend inventory management has been integrated into the checkout cart. Now an ETA for backordered items can be displayed when available. When no date has been established, the portion of an order that may be delayed based on merchandise levels can be indicated. (Note: "Can be" is used since there is a delay between confirming orders and updating inventory in the backend.) Customers also have access to a special page with real-time status alerts.

As a poster child for human anatomy, Amy's ambition has always been to help visitors find what they need. This is evident with two search engines and four online store search methods available. Amy may not win a national spelling bee but her exclusive Enhanced Find field unobtrusively corrects common medical misspellings. This gets you to your desired content more quickly. When a search for a poster returns no results, an alternate site search field is displayed to expand possibilities. Yeah, she's a smart gal.

She's Prettier Too

If we workout and eat right, we improve our internal anatomy, helping us feel better. What does a well-toned female do after a good workout? Get a cosmetic makeover!

Amy is turning heads now. Her start page has been primped. Like runway models, three finishing options for a dozen of our most popular posters are presented side-by-side in 15-second rotation for easy comparison of good, better and best. Simply tap the corresponding "Add to Cart" button. As an alternate to the mentioned search methods, you may click a displayed poster graphic to select from all finishing options:

  1. paper (good)
  2. laminate
  3. laminate with grommets (better)
  4. mounted laminate
  5. paper framed
  6. laminate framed (best)

It would take a marathon to walk you through hundreds of refinements. Rest assured, with a toned body and new makeover, Amy looks forward to meeting you and doing what she enjoys most, showing off her beautiful anatomy and shopping. Stop by her place, check out her inspirational body and stay A Bit More Healthy.

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Image by Steve Debenport licensed from iStock Photo.