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We have more in common than you realize.

SOCIAL MEDIA While browsing through interesting articles within this blog or building a wish list of anatomy posters in our online store, you can now save images with Pinterest, a social media virtual inboard or bookmarking site. View others' boards at Pinterest, follow them, leave a comment or repin something you like that can easily be shared on Twitter or Facebook. Blog pages like this one include a button that allow you to quickly login (if necessary) and view growing sets of images pinned by ClinicalPosters.com.

 Pinterest Logo

Membership to Pinterest is free. It's possible to register in under three minutes; type a verification email address, choose some representative photos and you're up and running. A "Pin It" browser button is available on the Pinterest site. This opens up some interesting possibilities — allowing you to easily Pin and categorize images while browsing the Internet. (Tip: Highlight text before pressing Pin It button for it to be used as image description.) People use Pinterest primarily for inspiration, to shop for apparel or build a list of recipes. [1] When clicked, saved images link back to the webpage where the visual was found. So why is there a need to add buttons on ClinicalPosters.com? Here are several reasons:

  1. Follow on Twitter and Pinterest buttons are paired within this blog so you can keep up to date with latest information with words or pictures.
  2. Store.ClinicalPosters.com includes dynamically integrated Pin It and Tweet buttons to share discoveries with friends who have a common interest.
  3. Highest resolution image is auto-linked to Pin It buttons in the online store.
  4. Our Pin It buttons work with mobile tablets and smartphones.

Simply Share Higher Quality

Images of anatomy posters in the online store have been enhanced for the sharpest and most vivid Pins. The browser widget presents one medium-resolution and several low-resolution thumbnails. Our custom Pin It button attaches an image in excess of 400 pixels wide. Generally this will be a high-resolution framed poster. Earlier we added a Recommend button on product pages in order to refer them via email. You can also Tweet or share a comment to Facebook in the section at the bottom of blog pages.

Whether you're admiring custom posters, collecting articles to read later, or grouping posters for a future purchase, there's beauty in simplicity. Click. Select category. Save. You like simple, don't you? If so, we have something in common.

With millions of users, the popularity of Pinterest results in occasional glitches. Try again later if you do not see a Success acknowledgement confirming that the submission is accepted. —ed

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