Best iPhone Bluetooth Accessories

Reviews for perhaps your 2nd and 3rd favorite smartphone gadgets.

TECHNOLOGY If the distance from your ear to your mouth is longer than 3 1/2 inches, you appreciate the taller iPhone 5. Likely, the first thing you'll buy for your new mobile phone is a case to protect its pristine finish or perhaps a Lightening adaptor. A visit to the iTunes Store may be next on your list in search of some cool apps or to update old ones.

Now you're searching the Web for something truly remarkable, a game changer, an accessory that takes advantage of iPhone and extends the reach of your mobile device way beyond four inches. The following two pages review of a couple you can consider. These Bluetooth® devices work well with old and new iPhone as well as Android devices. They save time, money and one might even save your life.

 Factory Bluetooth

My car has factory Bluetooth speakerphone capability built in. I like how the radio mutes when the phone rings. It has voice-activated dialing/answering accessible from buttons on the steering wheel. Pretty cool, right? The downsides are a limit of 10 stored phone numbers that must be manually entered and when a name is not said exactly as recorded, a wrong number is prompted. Lacking artificial intelligence (AI), my factory solution is not very smart but it has excellent HD speaker quality.

My wife has an iPhone 4s but her car lacked a factory speakerphone. The phone is often left in the trunk while driving. As a result, no one could reach her while traveling. So I purchased a $70 Griffin Bluetooth device, thinking it would be a useful yet inferior compromise to my expensive factory feature. But I wasn't fully prepared for what arrived. And neither was my wife.

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