Potato Leek Protein Soup

Hearty meal in a bowl recipe.

By Kevin RR Williams

RECIPE Soup for vegetarians goes beyond deciding between minestrone, split pea or tomato. Enjoy a simple-to-prepare nutritious meal in a bowl complete with protein and flax seed for essential omega-3. Ricotta cheese is added for dairy and additional richness but can be omitted for vegan preference in this protein-packed potato leek soup.

  1. Peel and boil potatoes in salted water about 10 minutes until firm but easily pierced with fork.
  2. Puree tofu in blender with 3 tbs of cooked potatoes, 3 tbs white leeks, ricotta cheese, dill, flax seed. Add 4 oz water or more as required to blend smoothly.
  3. Drain water from boiled potatoes and set aside. Pour puree into pot with potatoes, remaining leeks and spices. Add drained water back until desired consistency. Salt to taste. Add sliced avocado to bowls with extra dill sprig as garnish.

Tip: Size of potatoes vary, as does amount of liquid required; you may need as much as 16 ounces. Cut about 1/8 of tofu loaf from a typical 14 oz package. Too much tofu will overpower the taste. You may substitute two teaspoons of protein powder for tofu.

The potato chunks and edible avocado garnish adds a hearty dimension to this soup. Add salad to serve MyPlate With Style. Do you prefer this streamlined recipe format or the more conversational format used for Chimiwraps? Please let me know below.

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