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Your enthusiasm is contagious.

By Amy Storey

SHOPPING Have you ever been so impressed with something that your eyebrows arched and lips parted while slowly turning your head to share your delight, only to realize you were all alone in the room? This wonderful scenario may well describe your past browsing experience.

Get ready to expose those lissome parts of your anatomy for the good of humanity. Start rocking your cervical spine and tapping your phalanges. There's something exciting to share. You have discovered a bevy of beautiful anatomy posters for everyone from dietitians to physicians of obstetrics and gynecology. Even patients and artists will appreciate the unparalleled array of finishing options in this online store.

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It's now easier than ever to let friends, colleagues and purchase-approving authorities embrace your enthusiasm. Share anatomical poster information with others using a finger tap on a tablet or a mouse click at a computer without risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Every product page in our online store has a "Recommend" link. Click it and a private email link is sent in your behalf. The subsequent confirmation page reveals, another gem: a time-sensitive rebate code.* If you're feeling extra enthusiastic, share the product page with your Twitter followers via a Tweet button; though greatly appreciated, this latter option, doesn't return the rebate code.

Extending Your Reach

We love to read what customers have to say about our products. Though we prefer to hear it from a larynx, a binary acknowledgment is also appreciated. By clicking a checkbox on the recommendation page, you can authorize us to receive a copy of your kudos and, if appropriate, share your recommendation with others. recipent contacts are not saved so your friends won't receive any email other than your message. We figure, your referral carries more weight than anything we could say.

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Doctors, nurses, medical instructors and students require the most current anatomy posters. Begin the open enrollment or the new school year with up-to-date anatomical presentations. Our store's category searches can be sorted by copyright year for easy comparisons. Once you find the posters you need, Recommend them to colleagues. They'll be happy you did and neither of you will be alone.

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