Easing Off The Master Cleanse

Continue losing weight even after the Lemonade Diet.

DIET My reason for going on the Master Cleanse [1] is simple: to remove accumulated toxins and drop a few pounds in the process. I am not an extreme dieter by any stretch of the imagination so I generally avoid the improper designation, "Lemonade Diet." Books and websites reveal the simple 4-ingredient recipe but there are several caveats for people with medicated health issues. People should read the book to familiarize themselves with the proper way to regularly eliminate toxins throughout the process. [2] There is also an adjustment period to retrain the digestive system to begin assimilating solid food. It is wise for those requiring medication to consult with a personal physician before commencing the cleanse. I read the book years ago and have tried various other types of cleanses.

Generally, people endure sometimes awkward moments during the cleanse for anywhere from 10 to 40 days, transitioning off with up to five days of orange juice. [3] First-timers have some trepidation as they wonder if they'll have enough nutrition. Day 3 is probably the toughest as you fantasize about food and endure a bit more gnawing than usual. Then you're more likely to stop from boredom than hunger.

Because of prior cleanses, my system is not too backed up so 6 days was optimal. On the seventh day I drank fresh-squeezed orange juice and water. The following afternoon, vegetable soup provided as much satisfaction as prime rib to a carnivore.

Detoxification indiscriminately removes both bad and good flora from your intestinal tract. If the process were likened to painting an automobile, the cleanse is the sanding and masking. You then need to apply a primer before building up the paint. The month following the cleanse should include daily consumption of probiotics; this is your primer. Some people think they can accomplish this with yogurt alone. If that's your thing, knock yourself out but recognize that yogurt typical includes a limited variety of probiotics — primarily lactobacillus. However, there are roughly 500 species of flora in a population of 100 trillion microorganisms so a balanced blend of probiotic supplements is recommended.

In our analogy, what's the paint? It's future healthy eating choices — applied like thin coats of paint until there is a visible difference. During the cleanse, I lost 7 pounds. Of course, when food consumption resumes, there is some weight gain. Two months after the initial weigh-in on day-one of the Master Cleanse, I managed to continue losing weight. I am now 10 pounds lighter than my starting weight at the beginning of the program and 16 pounds less than my peak weight, a month before the cleanse.

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