Surreal Anatomy Sculptures

Entangled, 2010

Entangled, 2010

Kate MacDowell shocks and impresses viewers with anatomical realism.

ART Are you intrigued by anatomy artwork? Even a casual gaze at the works of sculptor Kate MacDowell evokes conflicted emotions of envy, admiration and covetousness. Even with your pupils dilated in bright sunlight, you can't help being awestruck at this ethereal eye candy. Kate's porcelain anatomy studies traverse human and animal dissections in a way that leave you wanting—wanting to see more, touch more and own more. Thank you Kate for sharing your gift with the world.

"I hand sculpt each piece out of porcelain, often building a solid form and then hollowing it out. Smaller forms are built petal by petal, branch by branch and allow me the chance to get immersed in close study of the structure of a blossom or a bee."

View Kate's of phenomenal body of work at Mindy Solomon Gallery and Patrajdas Contemporary Art and share your thoughts below. provides anatomical and clinical posters for medical professionals, including cardiologists.

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