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EPATIENT If you're a physician in a medical practice, this is the time to decorate your office. If you're a patient, this is the time to share gifts with your medical providers. Use rebate code on specially marked e-Patient poster product pages to save $5 off each 20x26" or larger laminated poster in quantities of two or more. This means you'll receive $10 off the set of two posters or $15 off three posters. (Limit 99 posters.)

What is an e-Patient?

An e-patient is defined as one who is equipped, empowered, enabled and engaged in participatory medicine. [1] This doesn't mean that e-Patients hang a shingle, perform surgery or write prescriptions. In practical terms, they augment brief medical visits with personal research — more often in the area of perplexing health issues. This can lead to more productive and engaging conversations with physicians.

Over 60 percent of e-patients have accessed user-generated health information and say the information found online affected a decision about how to treat an illness. More than 80 percent of Internet users have looked online for health or medical information. [2] Peer-to-peer (P2P) patient data is a growing movement, allowing patients with identical illnesses to disseminate resources and receive compassionate support. [3,4] These e-patients have either accepted a diagnosis and are looking for best treatment options or have symptoms of a condition that doesn't fit the original diagnosis.

Where Do I Sign Up?

No official membership is required to perform personal research or to hang a poster. However, thousands of e-Patients and physicians enjoy regular updates and information about boot camps through their membership at the Society for Participatory Medicine[5] You can receive your e-Patients posters from

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