Our Enhanced Search Engine Pounds Gluteus

Vulgarity replaced with anatomically appropriate words to improve results.

SHOPPING No judgment. We know. Sometimes it just slips out, right? Or maybe you are just curious about what will be displayed. To be fair, the one tasked with obtaining anatomy posters for the office is not always the one with an advanced medical degree. So occasionally a key word may not be spelled the way it's referenced on anatomy product pages within our online store. Instead of misleading visitors with no results, recent modifications enable searches in the store to automatically correct common medical terminology and return appropriate matches when available. There are three different search methods embedded within this site.

Enhanced Find

Many anatomy posters actually fall into more than one category. For this reason the online store main page includes an enhanced field alongside a button labeled Find. It's also on each product page. Type the word "muscles" into this field and preview images of all related products, regardless of labeled category, are returned. In the past, exact phrases were required. Now, word order is irrelevant. The newly enhanced Find feature is optimized for four or fewer words. So superfluous words like conjunctions and articles, "find, the, a, with, and, or," are ignored and common anatomical misspellings are corrected, automatically.

You’ll swear that finding products is much easier.

"Handwash higene" returns "hand wash hygiene" products. "ENT" returns "otolaryngology" posters. "GI" returns listing for "gastrointestinal posters." You’ll swear that finding products is much easier. Slang words like "boobs" or "honkers," not that anyone would be so crude, display anatomy posters of the female breast. If you know the product code or ISBN you can find it right away. It's even possible to locate posters based on their copyright date. Descriptions for products on the next page contain all words used. With these adjustments, the emphasis shifts from searching to finding results.


The omnivorous search field in the upper corner of this page has the button appropriately labeled Search. Whenever you see a button with this label, it searches the entire site, not just the store. It's not optimized for medical expressions but does offer suggestions for common misspellings and is smart enough to conjugate verbs and plurals. Depending upon the phrase, this can return the most results. The search results page also includes options to fine-tune the listing with appended phrases and Boolean (AND/OR) expressions.


The Search field is accompanied by two other location options on the main online store to locate products within the store. The menu-driven category Shop feature returns thumbnail images of products specifically placed in a designated category. For example, the anatomy poster entitled The Female Muscular System is visible when selecting the "Muscles" category but not the "Obgyn" category. The advantages of shopping by category are that you're likely to see several posters for your profession on a single page and the query does not require any typing; just select from a menu.

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