A Strong Frame For Two Equally Powerful Posters

e-Patient No Blood Combo $92.99

An anodized aluminum frame with interchangeable posters.

DECOR Medical offices have limited wall space. Faced with dozens of pertinent anatomy posters, doctors often narrow their choices to one or two per examination room or hospital patient room. Did you know it's possible to double your wall space without a building contractor?

Our Double-Duty Frame

Once the DeuPairâ„¢ Frame is securely mounted on a wall, it doesn't have to be removed. By means of an unobtrusive slot on the top or side, you simply slide in a new poster as you would a piece of paper into an envelope. Even with the shatterproof clear overlay and foam backing, there is room to store two different posters. Hence, your walls can be customized based on physician shifts in shared offices, individual patient requirements or to satisfy seasonal healthcare needs.

Through Top or Side?

Short-side opening is for vertical posters with top clearance of at least one and half times the height. That's about 40 inches for the standard 20" x 26" poster. With less vertical clearance or a horizontal poster, choose long-side opening. For environments where poster security is a concern, an optional key-lockable edge is available.

Order one DeuPair Frame for each standard anatomy poster in our online store or select one poster with a frame and another without. We have paired two of our custom posters with the DeuPair Frame in the Framed e-Patient, No Blood Combo. But you may match up any standard-size anatomy posters at Store.ClinicalPosters.com.