Sight Poster Now Includes Snellen Chart

17x22" Laminated Sight Poster

Enjoy the eye chart viewed as a work of art.

DECOR Admire it. Frame it. Hang it in a gallery but by all means, don't test anyone's vision with it.

The Sight poster celebrates the gift of sight with a prominent pupil that is half mechanical and half human. Superimposed over it are words that share in common corrective vision, optical disease and anatomy in addition to the word family. These are the things ruminating through the minds of patients when they visit an ophthalmologist. Variable focus and point size draws the viewer into an engaging treat. Among the background cracks and crevices in the updated 2012 version is a decorative debossed Snellen chart.

Available in three color schemes and four sizes with customizable tagline, Sight reminds patients to preserve the gift. Make one the center of focus in your optometry or ophthalmologist office today.

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