The Most Beautiful Poster To Grace Your Wall is Also Most Important

20 x 26" e-Patient Poster

Patients size up doctors with off-the-wall statements.

DECOR A dentist once told a patient that seemingly high prices allow him to drive the luxury car he enjoys. Apparently, one person in that room was important. And it wasn't the patient. That was the last visit to that dentist.

Some statements are off the wall and others are on the wall. Your walls reflect your persona. Hanging an anatomical heart poster says something about a physician's field of study but intimates no feelings for patients. Are they cherished souls with whom a common goal of wellness is shared or just vehicles for renumeration?

The Welcome e-Patients poster elevates the personal esteem of appreciative patients in reception areas, personal offices or hospital rooms. A treasure at any price, in February you could be one of four to hang one for a buck. Read further to see how.

A Poster For All Medical Professionals

The topic of participatory medicine is like the proverbial pink elephant in the room. Most people don't announce to their physicians that they are e-Patients. Some who are unaware of office policy are hesitant to acknowledge their involvement. According to a PEW study, the majority of patients look online to answer health related questions. They can usually be classified into one of several categories of e-Patients.

If patients are actively involved in medical research or online support groups, wouldn't a concerned physician, prefer it be done with proper support and guidance? e-Patient posters open dialog, which funnels questions to the one who can do the most good.

How To Get Yours On The Wall

Pay the man : The easiest way to get copies of e-Patient posters is to buy them. They are quite affordable. There are, in fact, several versions — some include customization options so you can receive preferred wording and dimensions. The lamination option adds substance and durability to these beautiful posters.

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Make certain what you say and display isn't off the wall. No other poster speaks to patients like this series. Hang yours and say something meaningful.

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