Is Your e-Patient Policy MIA?

20x26" e-Patient Poster

How to summarize doctor-patient relations in less than three inches.

EPATIENT An e-Patient policy is an averment of anticipated behavior. It establishes grounds for maintaining mutual respect. Like a welcome mat, this policy is best positioned to greet arriving patients. Hence, a highly visible poster displayed in the waiting room is most appropriate. Hospitals can also hang them in nurses' stations or patient recovery rooms.

Establish The Ground Rules

It would be a shame if patient tachycardia and hyperhidrosis stemmed from anticipation of physician confrontation. A patient with health questions wonders if (s)he should prepare a productive interchange. Will (s)he walk away feeling belittled or empowered? Body language or dissuasiveness can scuttle favorable expectations and sometimes lead to several years of agony. [1]

A Consumer Reports survey revealed skewed perceptions among patients and primary care doctors. "On the issue of respect and appreciation, 70% of doctors said they were getting less of it from patients… For patients, meantime, the more they reported being treated respectfully and listened to, the more satisfied they were with their physician." [2] We offer several ways to preemptively convey a physician's position regarding patient involvement in healthcare diagnosis or treatment.

e-Patient Poster Options
Poster Features Options
Office Policy For e-Patients
Social media graphics and this default text: "Empowered patients range from modestly informed to autonomous. This office supports patient involvement and the right to second opinions while trusting that patients respect physician expertise. Please silence electronic devices during your visit."
Printed to order; available in 3 sizes with customizable policy, QR code or both; framing, lamination and grommets
Anatomy of an e-Patient
Red-orange background with prominent graphic e-Patient depicting elements of research between healthy nutrition, caduceus and Rx. Practices whose policy is hindered by outside management restrictions benefit from this simpler design.
Printed to order; available in 3 sizes with customizable QR code; framing, lamination and grommets offered
Welcome e-Patients
Red-orange background with simplified greeting and co-op marketing QR code link to poster order page. This feature and preprinting allows you to take advantage of the economy of scale. These posters are sold for a lower unit cost with minimum quantity.
Preprinted at standard 20x26" size; framing, lamination and grommets offered
Bienvenedos e-Pacientes
Spanish translated Welcome poster with red-orange background, simplified greeting and QR code link to poster order page. Pair with an English e-Patient poster in bilingual office.
Preprinted at standard 20x26" size; framing, lamination and grommets offered
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No More Excuses

Now that it's possible to embed e-Patient posters with a QR code, there is no reason for excluding your public policy. Whether you have much or little to say on the matter of participatory medicine, a moderate or modest budget, has the right poster for your medical office. Regardless of how many rooms are in your practice, there is no room for excuses.

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