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Are you using your mobile phone like it’s 1999?

TECHNOLOGY Popular in Japan since the '90s, Quick-Response (QR) codes are gaining popularity in the United States and elsewhere. Embedded within a QR code is a hidden message. Usually it's a shortened URL. But it can contain up to about 90 alphanumeric characters within a standard square. As character count increases, the pattern becomes denser and more challenging for low-resolution scanners to decipher.

QR codes can also contain vCard data, allowing users to automatically add contact information to mobile devices. [1] QR codes can craft an email message or Tweet. A Korean market displays virtual supermarket shelves in subways, allowing customers to use the idle time waiting for transportation to shop via QR codes without entering a store. Groceries are delivered to their home. [2]

Is Your Phone Smart Enough To Save You Money?

If you already own a smartphone or digital tablet, the biggest hurdle is behind you. In fact, most QR reader apps are free. Sometimes additional features can be added for a few bucks. Current smartphones have high resolution cameras, making it possible to decipher small QR codes on business cards or in magazines.

Download Smartphone QR Code Reader Apps
Android ZXing or QR Droid Nokia Maemo MBarcode
iTunes Qrafter LG QR-Code Readers
Blackberry QR Code Scanner Pro Samsung QR-Code Readers
In some cases, software may need to be downloaded onto your PC before transferring to your mobile device.
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How do you use a QR reader? Just tap to launch the app and center the QR code within the viewfinder. Generally, you will not need to press a button; the image is processed as soon as the code is recognized. Depending upon settings, the app may immediately open a URL, import vCard data or display a picture. It is also possible that the content is previewed for confirmation before performing an action. Software varies but generally scanned codes are saved in a history for future use.

QR Codes Reveal Rotating Rebate Code : On select product pages, tap rebate details link, scan symbol and type rebate code for instant savings.

It takes less than 15 minutes to enable your mobile phone. So why not enter the 21st century? is amalgamating QR codes with promo codes and Twitter. This means you will enjoy more opportunities to save time and money. Tell us what you think. Do you like this new way to save in our online store?

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