Five Lessons Learned from 85,000 Pageviews

Number of visitors increased nearly 3x in one year.

WEBSITE With 86,208 pageviews, interest in content is growing among people seeking general health answers. Interestingly, there is a disparity between viewers' and editor's choice. Here are the top five favorite pages selected by each in descending order:

Viewers' Top Blog Articles

  1. Is The Skin Cell Gun Real? - February 4, 2011 (9%)
  2. It's Dysautonomia, Not Laziness - May 25, 2011 (9%)
  3. Excise Oral Melanotic Macule - May 27, 2010 (7%)
  4. Stop The Pain in My Legs and Feet - January 1, 2011 (3%)
  5. I Feel So Bad, I Could Spit: Coughing Up Sputum - March 9, 2011 (3%)

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