Our Online Store Receives Compatibility Overhaul

Less Errors With Cleaner Graphics

SHOPPING Over the weekend, our online store was optimized to work with most browsers, including Internet Explorer 6. Some innocuous but confusing security messages were displayed in some browsers due to an earlier update that added pop-up help links. The help links during checkout now open a separate window. IE6 also does not display currently popular graphics in the PNG format well. So these graphics were replaced with GIF in the online store but not elsewhere on the site.

Should You Upgrade Your Browser?

Earlier this year Microsoft released a massive Internet Explorer 9 update. While it provides significant improvements in graphics handling and enhanced security checks, it exhibits incompatibilities with some sites. Whether this is due to personal security settings or a programming bug is uncertain. What is known is that the issue currently affects a small subset of Store.ClinicalPosters.com visitors since IE9 only runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

Many people use whatever browser originally came with their computer or is installed with the Microsoft Office package. If you are using IE6, it is recommended to upgrade to at least IE7. But honestly, you can get browsers compatible with more sites for free. For best experience, Safari, Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended.

If you experience problems on our online store or anywhere on this site, please use the Contact form to report issues to Customer Service. Future Microsoft updates to IE9 may improve compatibility with our online store. If this occurs and you are able to checkout, please let us know.

A Word About Shipping Insurance

By default, our store offers indemnification for a few dollars. If the package is damaged in transit, ClinicalPosters handles the necessary paperwork while a replacement order is shipped out. For peace of mind and quick response to claims, insured shipping is strongly recommended.

Lamination and framing helps posters in two ways. The paper becomes impervious to moisture and the ridged aluminum frame requires flat shipping that protects the print. With this extra layer of protection, there have been no reported damage for framed posters, though damage or tampering is always possible.