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SHOPPING Most patients polled indicate that they pass time waiting for a doctor by examining anatomy posters hanging on the walls. [1] Though some physicians use posters as consulting and lecturing tools, others view them as appropriate office decoration. Medical product manufacturers or specialty healthcare providers reap tremendous advertising benefits from imprinting a logo or product message on anatomy posters and delivering them to current and prospective colleagues.

Economics of Anatomy Posters

It is not uncommon for a busy doctor to see eight patients per hour. That's a bit more than 1,200 patients per month or close to 15,000 per year. Suppose a poster costs $20; the cost per view (CPV) is in the range of one-hundreth of a cent the first year. For quantities greater than 1,000, individual poster prices drop considerably. But suppose it were possible to painstakingly imprint less than 50 posters with a unit cost including delivery totaling $50 each. The CPV hovers around three-hundredths of a cent.

Each additional year that the poster hangs in that busy office, the amount of views increases. Many practices have several exam rooms concurrently holding patients. The CPV drops exponentially, reaching or exceeding the circulation of some trade magazines at a fraction of the cost.

Doctors need them and patients view them; in an era where it's difficult to have a message seen, anatomy posters thrive. Ordering imprinted anatomy posters from other places is filled with uncertainty. makes it easy. Discounted quantities are shown on each product page in the online store.

Methods of Imprinting

Exclusive posters in the online store, designed by and printed to order typically can include a custom message in quantities of 500 or more. Some, like the e-Patient Policy poster on this page, allow customization in smaller quantities. Find the keyword "exclusive" in the online store to see options.

Custom reprint with imprint on 20x26" anatomy posters can be ordered with a minimum quantity of 500, though unit price drops signicantly when ordering 1000 or more. Just make a selection under the Option menu on a product page and enter a quantity from 500-999 or 1,000 to 10,000. Existing poster elements are moved or scaled to accommodate the imprint. Pharmaceutical sponsors that mention a drug are legally required to include a detailed product description with contraindications, side effects and dosage information. This can be imprinted on the reverse side of each poster or preprinted sheets must be affixed to each poster before delivery.

Logo imprint is an option for limited runs of 10 to 50 posters — great for trade show giveaways. The selection is chosen under the Option menu; the price in the check-out cart reflects finishes and quantity chosen. In this manual printing process, a template is created to place the logo within a blank area on a preprinted paper poster. One-by-one, the large sheets are fed into a printer. The poster is then laminated, trimmed and grommeted if such additional finishing options are desired.

There are some prerequisites to ordering logo imprints: (1) The poster must be available with a plain-paper finish. (2) There must be sufficient white area to imprint the logo on the poster. For this reason, the option is unavailable on some pages. (3) You must have an existing good quality logo in vector (eps) or high-resolution (jpg) format or a small amount of text. (4) Pharmaceutical notification option is unavailable.

Foam Mount & Laminate is a special process that simultaneously laminates and mounts the poster to a stable 1/4" black JetMount surface. It's customization, without the imprint. This process too, is limited to posters available with a plain-paper finish — excluding 20x26" pre-laminated and all 42x62" posters.

Imprint Option Comparison
Option Method Minimum Quantity Unit Cost
Exclusive Posters Short-run digital print or higher quantity offset 1 $15.00-30.00
Custom Reprint Elements resized to accomodate offset imprint 500 $5.50-16.00
Logo Imprint Digital imprint within available area on preprinted posters 10 $21.00-34.00
Foam Mount & Laminate Preprinted poster mounted and laminated to non-warping board 1 $41.00

With a comprehensive array of large equipment, is singularly positioned to offer customization and finishing options unavailable anywhere else. To acquire great exposure within small budgets, order imprinted posters online at

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  1. As a patient, do you examine anatomy posters in your doctor's office?