Better Laminated Poster Pricing

Updated equipment leads to better anatomy poster prices.

SHOPPING Historically, we have offered two types of laminated anatomy posters: ones that come preassembled from the manufacturer with metal eyelets called grommets and ones we custom coat with premium laminate. Selling laminated posters with grommets for less than laminated posters without grommets had some backend logistics but may have been confusing to shoppers.

Recent equipment acquisitions now allow us to lower the price for the premium laminate and offer grommets as an upgrade option. Laminated posters have several benefits over paper:

  1. They are easier to keep clean and sanitary
  2. They include UV inhibitors to minimize fading
  3. You can write on them with dry-erase markers

Laminated posters without grommets can also be framed. Now is the time to update exam room posters in your medical office or classroom.

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