Are Your Anatomy Posters Current?

Exam-room anatomy posters are periodically updated.

DECOR Doctors, do you have the anatomy poster pictured on this page? New posters are added and existing ones are modified to reflect research or regulations that have a bearing on content. Therefore, looks can be deceiving. Posters hanging on your wall may resemble the ones depicted in our store but you should check the copyright date against what is shown on our product pages.

Our aim is to make certain that you are using the most up-to-date anatomy posters in your practice. Therefore, we have begun including the most recent copyright year on our product pages. A poster that was originally produced in 1999 may have undergone several modifications with multiple copyright dates appended. only ships the most current. So if you aren't certain whether yours should be replaced, compare the most recent copyright year on your bottom of the poster with what we have shown in our online store. Physicians have an ethical obligation to display current medical information. Visit to update your posters. While you're at it, add our custom-fit anodized aluminum slide-in poster frames.

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