Did You Find Everything?

Is it a big deal to place another item in your cart?

SHOPPING After a long day's work, you apparently get the same idea as 500 other people — stop in the neighborhood market to purchase some groceries to last the next few days. When you're finished snaking the shopping cart through every aisle, you pass the time checking email on your smartphone behind a dozen other people waiting in line.

Destiny is in sight when you place your items on the conveyor belt. Your turn finally arrives and the cashier politely asks, "Did you find everything you need?" For a split second, you recall an item or two but it isn't worth any more delay. So you reply, "Sure."


We have made it easy to shop for anatomy posters at Store.ClinicalPosters.com. There's no waiting in line on tired feet. Shop from the comfort of your own home or office. More importantly, with three embedded search engines, you'll find just what what you need. Select from one of three methods from the online store's home page.

Searching Store.ClinicalPosters.com
Method Instructions Benefits
Shop Select category from menu (then optionally press Shop button or keyboard Enter key). Items in the online store labeled with specified category are listed with thumbnail images.
Find Type a word, exact phrase or product number before pressing Find buton (or keyboard Enter key). Depending on phrase, this option can either narrow or broaden storewide searches. For example "new" isn't a selectible category but you can Find new products.
Search Type any combination of words before pressing Search (or keyboard Enter key). Sitewide results list page titles for both articles and products (without thumbnail images).

Recently, indexing was changed for the Search function also available on most pages throughout the site outside of the store. Health articles are listed ahead of products in the store. Additionally, another search method slides from the top when scrolling down pages or highlighting a word or phrase (not available on mobile devices). It presents a couple of optional pages on the current site along with articles or images elsewhere on the Web. These additional resources can be viewed without leaving ClinicalPosters.com.

Each page in the store includes Related Items at the bottom. This makes it easy to add complimentary products. After adding a product to your shopping cart, press the item number to return to that product page and add related items.

  1. How do I use the online store? ClinicalPosters.com FAQ