Pediatric Immediate Care Facilities

There's a special place for sick children, besides a crowded emergency room.

by Genna Macmahon *

HEALTH If your young child is suffering from an illness, all planning automatically steps out of your head. It is 11 pm at night and your son has a 103-degree temperature. You are aware that he must see a physician but in your haze and turmoil it's impossible for you to decide what to do and where to bring him. You realize that your regular doctor is out of the office and, added to that, the office itself has been closed for at least six hours. This situation gives you one alternative, you think, taking your child to the ER and waiting for two or more hours in order to see a doctor.

Thing is though, there is yet another way – pediatric immediate care center. These facilities concentrate on treating children who are suffering from a non-emergency illness either after hours and also during weekends.

But where exactly would you be able to locate these pediatric immediate care facilities? It's likely that, you have passed by several of them everyday but have never noticed them. Through a simple Internet search gives you a variety in your town. Just decide which one you like, print the directions and head out. The particularly great thing about these facilities is the fact that due to the reason that they specialize in non-emergency needs, you won't find a three-hour wait like at many ERs. This way your kid can be back in bed resting quickly.

While it's simple to comprehend, it still does not make it any less complicated whenever your child gets sick after hours. Oh well, even on weekends most medical doctors workplaces stay closed, particularly with the current healthcare budget. So if your daughter is running a fever or needs to see a doctor for a cut, sprain or broken finger or toe beyond regular hospital hours, a pediatric urgent care center may be the best choice.

What about retail clinics? Medical kiosks tucked into the back of drug stores, grocery stores, and big box outlets can offer substandard pediatric care.

It's imperative to be aware of this: there's a big variance between a pediatric immediate care center and an ER. Should your kid require urgent health care as a result of trauma or a life-threatening ailment, you must go to an emergency room. Otherwise, if your child needs to see a doctor for a fever or a minor injury, then one of these special pediatric care centers are advantageous — not just because they are far more convenient, but you typically will not have to wait in a three-hour line to see a doctor.

Now, you might be questioning how good is this "after hours" doctor in giving treatment for a sick child. The answer then is: Very. These aren't second-rate physicians or whatever, they just prefer to be on duty at diverse times and fill a need in the medical community. If it weren't for them, parents would have to take their children to an emergency room in order to get an infection looked at. With pediatric immediate care centers and medical doctors in virtually every city, parents can get non-emergency medical care for their child at off hours.

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