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Our Anatomy Poster Frames Are “Off The Hook!”

Our Anatomy Poster Frames Are “Off The Hook!”

No more Scotch tape, thumbtacks and Velcro.

DECOR Obtain frames for previously purchased anatomy posters or select our sleek and securely mounted anodized aluminum frame with the purchase of new posters. Nowadays doctors have much less time to interact with patients. Healthcare reform may further increase the number patients to be seen throughout the day.

Dehydration: Avoiding the Dry Spell

Dehydration: Avoiding the Dry Spell

A cup of coffee depletes your body of one glass of water.

HEALTH Up to three quarters of our body weight is water. We become dehydrated when the amount of water leaving our body is greater than the amount taken in. Humidified breaths, perspiration, urination and bowel movements deplete the body of essential water that must be replaced.