A Bit More Healthy Archive May 2010

Excise Oral Melanotic Macule

Brushing your teeth one morning, you discover a dark spot in the back of your mouth. Do you ignore it or have it removed?

HEALTH Whether appearing in your mouth or on your lip, it is best to have unexplained oral pigment changes diagnosed by an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist (otolaryngologist), which may require referral by a primary care physician, dermatologist or dentist.

Advances in Knee Replacement

Artificial knees last longer, work better and can be installed with smaller incisions.

HEALTH Over half a million total knee replacements are performed annually to relieve pain from severe degenerative disease such as arthritis. But this is by no means the preferred treatment option. Nonsurgical techniques must first be exhausted. With each step, forces equal to several times a person's body weight are transferred through the knee.

Bilingual “Wash Hands” Poster

ClinicalPosters.com is proud to offer an exclusive “wash hands” poster for public restrooms.

HEALTH Seeing the overwhelming public health need for a professional hand-wash poster and dissatisfied with available options, ClinicalPosters.com designed its own. This vibrant poster is discounted in pairs, either laminated or framed.

HeartNet Ventricular Support System for Enlarged Heart

A surgical treatment to strengthen a weakened human heart.

RESEARCH The HeartNet™ Ventricular Support System is a "superelastic" metal mesh that slides around the heart to provide "just the right amount of cardiac support" to rein in remodeling without constricting hemodynamics, according to researchers, may slow or stop ventricular dilatation or even prevent some heart-failure hospitalizations, hints a randomized study that isn't conclusive because enrollment was halted prematurely.