A Bit More Healthy Archive April 2010

Lighten Skin With Hydroquinone?

Is the dermatological boon a danger to patients?

DERMATOLOGY As we age, a battle to maintain the smooth and supple skin we were born with begins. We combat hyperpigmentation from acne, ingrown hair, sun damage, scars, freckles, age spots and melasma. Skin darkening may be influenced by gender, trauma, genetics or hormonal changes.

Marshall Protocol for Autoimmune Disease

Is one man's radical cure for autoimmune disease reality or quackery?

HEALTH With autoimmune diseases, the immune system mistakes some part of the body as a pathagen and attacks it. The breadth of autoimmune disease is vast enough to mimmic or cause many ailments, including arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Treatment generally involves immunosuppression and addressing symptoms.

First Full-Face Transplant

Facial Reconstruction in Spain 

HEALTH Excitement is spreading across the globe as a man recovers from a 22-hour successful surgical operation to transplant an entire face — including donor cheekbones, nose, lips, teeth and jaw. Vall d'Hebron University Hospital spokesperson Bianca Bont said: "This is the first total face transplant."

Born With Alcohol Tolerance?

Is it a compliment when others say you really know how to hold your liquor?

ADDICTION Overdrinking impairs thinking and behavior. In far too many cases, it quite literally becomes a "license to kill." Tolerance suggests a plateau at which prior intoxicating amounts cause no outwardly observable effects; increasing amounts of alcohol are required to trigger symptomatic intoxication.

Enjoy the Dreaded Office Visit

An amicable doctor and patient relationship can be a matter of life and death.

HEALTH It is estimated that in the US, annual healthcare costs exceed two trillion dollars. With often uncertain fees, it is understandable why patients become intimidated when visiting physicians. With office visits focusing on timely efficiency, it is all too easy to leave with an expensive bill and no cure, let alone a diagnosis.

Understanding Eczema Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis and eczema are distinct ailments that sometimes overlap.

DERMATOLOGY Sarcoidosis is a relatively rare multisystem granulomatous autoimmune disorder that appears in humans. Granulomas, or small lumps can interfere with the normal function of the lungs in 90% of patients. Manifestation may include other organs like the liver, spleen, eyes, myocardium, central nervous system, joints, and bones.

ReLEx VisuMax Femtosecond-Only Laser Vision Correction

Some people would give their right eye to see clearly again.

VISION Carl Zeiss Meditec ReLEx, the first femtosecond-only method of laser vision correction, is now available for sale outside the United States. ReLEx is a Carl Zeiss brand of complete laser vision correction procedures that can be performed entirely with the VisuMax® Femtosecond (10 to the negative 15th power) laser.

Dizzying Solution to Vertigo

There are so many causes for vertigo that most physicians provide only a statistically popular diagnosis.

HEALTH Imagine experiencing debilitating symptoms no doctor seems able to cure. Despite persistent medical investigation for nearly a decade, the underlying cause remains a mystery. "From 2001 through 2004, 35.4% of US adults aged 40 years and older (69 million Americans) had vestibular…