A Bit More Healthy Archive January 2010

Appetite Controlled Substance

Why a new "appetite-control" product may turn the world of weight loss on its head.

DIET "So it's truly rare to find a diet product that is new, safe and effective. But a California Company has recently launched a new product that may just fit the bill. Called Sensa, it's actually a food sprinkle that has been clinically proven to convince the brain to stop overeating.

Clay-Based Hydrogels

Green Alternative to Polymers

By Todd Morton, Ars Technica

RESEARCH Hydrogels are novel materials with properties unlike those of normal polymers, but their potential applications have remained limited to small niches. A team of researchers from Japan aims to change that, and has discovered a new approach to hydrogels that yielded a trifecta of increased mechanical strength, easy preparation, and possible green-tech implications.

Anatomy for Artists

ART Some site visitors are artists searching for anatomy references for drawing. A resource called Random Pose has been added to the Art Models for iPhone links page. (Internet connection required to view images.) It includes over 19,000 muscular human figure poses. It would even better if it were possible to rotate models on screen or if there was an interface to specify general pose descriptions.

Liquid Makeup Out; Mineral Makeup In

DERMATOLOGY To our dermatologist and derma-pharmaceutical friends, pay attention to the new trend in natural makeup. Each day, the average woman exposes her delicate skin to 12 personal care products containing over 165 chemicals. As consumers become more aware of the hazards, they are gravitating towards mineral makeup. Not only is it healthier, mineral offers numerous benefits beyond traditional liquid foundations and cosmetics.