Our Anatomy Poster Frames Are “Off The Hook!”

20x26" Black Aluminum Frame

No more Scotch tape, thumbtacks and Velcro.

DECOR Obtain frames for previously purchased anatomy posters or select our sleek and securely mounted anodized aluminum frame with the purchase of new posters.

Posters Work As Hard As You

A nurse checks the vitals and says, "the doctor will be with you shortly." "Leave it open in the back," she continues while placing a cotton gown on the exam table. The patient quickly disrobes to prevent an embarrassing intrusion. During the seemingly eternal moments between the nurse's departure and the doctor's entrance, anatomy wall posters go to work. They are scrutinized and evaluated as the patient attempts to articulate questions in anticipation of his ephemeral consult. When the doctor enters, the anatomy poster joins in sharing diagnosis and recommendations.

Professional or Tacky


As such an integral part of the office visit, how are these essential tools showcased? Are they clinging to the wall by Scotch tape, pushpins or chewing gum? An unlaminated poster can yellow prematurely, curl excessively and is prone to soiling and bacterial contamination. Anodized aluminum frames extend longevity. They enhance the professional appearance, not only of the posters, but also the examination room, thereby elevating the entire impression of the medical office visit. Standard laminated posters with grommets offer surface protection but cannot be framed. Order framed paper posters from Store.ClinicalPosters.com or select framed premium laminated posters for maximum protection and durability.

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