Mission to Simplify Shopping

Our old online store is gone!

SHOPPING In response to customers desiring better methods to discover and purchase products, Store.ClinicalPosters.com has replaced the prior shopping cart with one offering intuitive seaching with more product options and payment choices. Now all customers — corporate accounts, international visitors and users without PayPal accounts — can order products and receive quotes with a variety of finishes, shipping methods and payment options.

One store for everyone!

International customers can bypass email requests for electronic invoices before processing their orders. Corporate accounts can stop copying and and pasting item number in emails. Though PayPal has improved its interface, some people found PayPal checkout confusing. Inquiries about poster imprints required email exchanges to receive quotes.

A giant omission from the old store was the inability to order, of all things, clinical posters; this was an entirely manual quote and approval process. Now every customer can use the same system for ordering and tracking the status of purchases from submission through delivery. Here is a summary of new features:

  1. Place your orders for anatomy posters 24-hours a day
  2. Order custom clinical posters, design, printing and handouts
  3. Place large orders for custom imprinted posters
  4. Limit search to products or search entire site
  5. Select custom laminate finishes for anatomy posters
  6. Related items are featured for most products
  7. International orders are accepted
  8. Option to mail check for payment
  9. Corporate customers with established account can checkout with purchase order
  10. Select more shipping options during checkout

We hesitated to send users scrambling with broken links and redirects but the benefits far outweigh the temporary inconvenience. Consolidating all shopping into a single interface has streamlined navigation. We invite your feedback to the new shopping experience. It's a mission that is no longer impossible.