Feed Your Baby Healthfully

Once your child is beyond breastfeeding, what’s for dinner?

By Melissa Deschamps

NUTRITION Baby feeding can be quite challenging, especially for first-time parents. There are an awful lot of considerations to contemplate before you can start to feed your child.

Since the baby can't eat by herself yet, the food you give to your baby is crucial in the first stages of growth and development. Learning the best food to give her is the best measure to guarantee that your baby will stay healthy and strong.

The simple baby feeding approach is in the initial four months of his life. It is when they can settle for breast milk which is economical. If the mother does not have breast milk, a milk formula (not regular milk) is also a great alternative.

She's Ready to Sit at the Table

After four months, you can begin providing your baby semi-solid food like fruits and vegetables. It is best to feed him with fresh fruits and vegetables like carrots that have been boiled. Make certain food is not too hot. Some parents purchase thermometers. Tasting the food before giving it to your child will ensure that he will not be burned.

Never serve raw vegetables to a child. Keep in mind that fresh and raw have different meanings. So, make sure to cook vegetables thoroughly since some have proven to have nitrates. You might also want to wash your hands with soap and water to ensure you are not giving bacteria to your baby.

The risk of choking is an issue with baby feeding. Before the baby reaches one year old, do not feed your baby foods like hard candies, peanuts, or popcorn. Another one of the considerations in baby feeding is allergy. If you are introducing a new food to the baby, make sure to observe the reaction in a week or so. It usually takes that long for the child's immune system to react.

Now that you are ready to feed your baby, there are certain ways to increase the appetite of your child. If you are having problems with baby feeding, then you can try incorporating fun into it. (Recall the Chew-Chew train?) In that way, your baby will always look forward to eating time.

From infancy, train your child to make healthy food choices. Limit consumption of foods with little or no nutritional value even after children are ready for solid food. Empty calorie foods include potato chips, pizza, french fries, and sugary snacks. Set a good example by your own food choices. With proper training, you can raise a healthy child that craves good nutrition.

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