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SOCIAL MEDIA With more than 15 years experience serving clinical researchers, the totally redesigned ClinicalPosters.com went live on July 20, 2010. Though incremental improvements continue, response from visitors has so far been overwhelmingly positive.

    "Truly amazing and visually beautiful."
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Aesthetic alterations are immediately noticeable but one of the most significant changes involves search engine optimization. Now it is extremely easy to find precisely what you need. A local site search box has been added to nearly every page. A separate floating search bar enables serendipitous exploration of the Web for related articles and images by simply highlighting text.

Far Beyond Anatomy Posters

The Health & News section was initially geared for site announcements and interesting snippets linking to other news sites. It has blossomed to provide insightful synopsis of multidisciplinary clinical research along with YouTube videos, links to related medical posters and grants. Engage yourself in the conversation using a variety of available methods to respond, share and bookmark your favorite articles.

If you are planning to present research at an upcoming conference, ClinicalPosters.com can help prepare clinical posters. Afterward, gain more mileage and exposure by having your abstracts or summaries published in the Noteworthy News section. Type "clinical posters" in any major search engine and our site is in the number one or two position. Can you benefit from that exposure?

Don't Confuse Tweets with Twits

There are Twitter users that post inconsequential nonsense. However, you can control your own subculture and we have chosen to do the same. If you are a professional with clinical background, we believe you would be a perfect fit for ClinicalPosters premium tweets.

Major site announcements are included in the news section of the primary website. But a more fluid method of sharing intermediate updates without inundating customers with daily email was required. So now you can follow us on Twitter. If the notion is foreign to you, the benefits will become clearer after reading the Crash Course in Twitter article on our website. Keep up to date with reminders about upcoming conferences, special offers, research grants, new site changes, and links to interesting articles on other sites relating to health and clinical research.

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We are easy to follow on Twitter, and look forward to your content, in the form of retweets, clinical research or blog comments to existing articles in the near future.

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