Navigating the New Site

This website has been redesigned with you in mind.

WEBSITE Cosmetically, the new site is easier on the eyes. But many useful enhancements have been implemented beneath the surface. Most importantly, much has been accomplished without breaking prior links (one directory name was shortened). If you do happen to land on the dreaded "Not Found" page, there's a search field there to help locate what you need.

Easy-to-Find Search

Our legendary site Search appears on nearly every page now. So when you need it, you don't have to hunt. When scrolling down a long page, an Apture search bar follows as the former moves out of sight. (If it gets in the way, this feature can be toggled on or off by clicking the triangles in the upper left corner of any page.) When activated, you may type a phrase or simply highlight text to see related articles at and our affiliate site Reactive Imaging or elsewhere on the Web. To keep results compact, only a few local results are displayed. For more comprehensive local searches, please use site Search below the navigation bar since it is indexed nightly, includes keywords ignored by external search engines and is better optimized to prioritize and display relevant local results.

Smarter Shopping

Enjoy better page navigation. Anatomy models, a textbooks and medical gifts have a single-page view that allows visitors to compare and add different products without digging down to individual pages. Just click the "Add to Cart" button any of desired your selections. Anatomy poster navigation has also been significantly improved. Quantities can be changed in the shopping cart.

Sharper images are used for anatomy posters. Those that may be inappropriate to minors are clearly labeled and can be excluded from local searches. Hypertext links throughout the site lead to related anatomy posters. Single-click "Add to Cart" buttons have replaced most menu selections for greater simplicity.

International Shipping

The "Expedite Shipping" button on each main anatomy poster page has options for international shipping. Selecting one will enable additional features in the shopping cart to approximate shipping charges. Please note that you will have an opportunity to confirm the order with actual shipping charges based on the address entered before the order is processed. Alternatively, those outside the U.S. may list the desired products on the Special Order form to receive an email invoice. Since international shipping can be considerably higher than ground shipping within the continental U.S., it is cost effective to order groups of items instead of singles.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can now view a substantial part of the answer to most questions in the Help section. Click the title to read more. You will enjoy using the attractive, easy-to-use layout.

Noteworthy News

Most noteworthy news articles include a related video and anatomy poster. Type the desired phrase AND video into the site search field to locate related videos. They play on most Mac browsers without modification; Windows computers may need to install Adobe Flash Player for viewing some content.

Much effort is expended in presenting multidisciplinary clinical news for researchers and medical professionals. If you like what you read, you can Digg it. Previously the buttons required user registration and manual text entry. Now your vote can count and free registration is optional for previously Dugg articles. If you are the first to Digg, appropriate fields are automatically populated. Becoming a registered Digg member allows that site to build a custom list of articles that will interest you based on what you Digg, not only on, but the throughout the Web. So a Digg extends beyond a pat on the backs of local writers.

We Can Hear You Now

Even if you don't dig Digg, there are new ways to share your thoughts. The Apture search bar includes buttons to share an article on Facebook, Twitter or email. Visitor comments can also be included on many of the product pages as well as at the bottom of recent news articles. Here, it is possible to subscribe to comments in the way that most suits you.

This site is maintained by large and small purchases of important visitors like you. So if you enjoy an article you can Digg it and purchase a poster to sponsor continued site enhancements.

Note: If you have visited recently and some features are not evident or there are inconsistent display anomalies, this may be a result of cached pages stored on your computer from previous visits. Please refresh the page(s) or empty your browser cache.