Charting Fad Diets

“Lose 20 pounds in 10 days!”

DIET A new report out this week finds that more than two thirds of states (38 total) have adult obesity rates above 25 percent. In one study, 60 percent of parents of overweight children inaccurately identified their child's weight as healthy or even underweight. [1]

You've heard the sensational claims. Having personally been on the Master Cleanse a few times — not to diet but to detox — I found this infographic from quite interesting. (Yes, I lost 2 lbs per day and gained it back.) The folks at Lemondrop actually went on several fad diets and concur with the results. One of the "diets" mentioned is the Master Cleanse. Absent is the DASH diet. Perhaps one or more of the diets you have tried (or are considering) is also is on the list below comparing "The Truth About Diets."

Truth about Diets
Source: Weight Loss

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