Bilingual “Wash Hands” Poster

Laminated Poster is proud to offer an exclusive “wash hands” poster for public restrooms.

SHOPPING Seeing the overwhelming public health need for a professional hand-wash poster and dissatisfied with available options, designed its own. This vibrant poster is discounted in pairs, either laminated or framed. The alternate Spanish translation, "lávese las manos" (or other specified text) can also be imprinted beneath the prominent "wash hands" title.

Dr. Julie Segre from the U.S. National Human Genome Research Institute estimates there are one million bacteria per square centimeter of skin. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, "there are about 1,500 bacteria." [1] Researchers from the University of Colorado biochemistry department and Colorado's department of ecology and evolutionary biology took samples from the palms of 51 college students (102 hands). Using a customized system for detecting bacteria DNA, they identified 4,742 species of bacteria overall, only five of which were on every hand. The average hand harbored 150 species of bacteria. [2] During flu season, most people are most concerned with the influenza virus.

Whether there are thousands or hundreds of bacteria is up for debate. However, one thing is certain: Hand washing in public facilities is a problem. Research studies on hand hygiene in hospital settings rate healthcare workers with about 40 percent compliance. [3,4] In Ocbober 2005 the WHO initiated an annual "SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands" initiative, which, as of November 2009, has spread to 121 countries. [5]

How many times have you seen someone bolt from a urinal, grabbing the exit door handle with barely enough time to close his fly? Habits are not so rosy on the other end of the hallway either. This is why the Wash Hands posters are sold in pairs, one for the restrooms of each gender.

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