HeartNet Ventricular Support System for Enlarged Heart

A surgical treatment to strengthen a weakened human heart.

RESEARCH The HeartNet™ Ventricular Support System is a super-elastic Nitinol mesh that is designed to wrap around and reinforce the walls of the heart. It provides permanent, gentle support that is designed to help slow or stop the heart enlargement process so that the heart can work more efficiently, ultimately decreasing the debilitating symptoms of heart failure.

Patients with congestive heart failure often have enlarged ventricles. When the heart enlarges, the ventricles are weakened and they cannot pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. This can leave patients feeling tired, dizzy or short of breath, even while at rest.

Investigational Treatment

Administered in addition to the recommendations of medical heart care specialists, a minimally invasive surgical incision is made below the heart and between the ribs (mini-thoractomy). There is generally no need to put the patient on a heart bypass machine. The HeartNet delivery system, not yet FDA approved, allows the surgeon to gently attach the device heart before advancing the implant on to the heart.

September 16, 2010 (San Diego, California) — A "superelastic" metal mesh that slides around the heart to provide "just the right amount of cardiac support" to rein in remodeling without constricting hemodynamics, according to researchers, may slow or stop ventricular dilatation or even prevent some heart-failure hospitalizations, hints a randomized study that isn't conclusive because enrollment was halted prematurely. Medscape

The HeartNet is designed to provide a light squeeze to the ventricles and to reduce the work and stress the heart muscle faces as a result of the heart failure. After the surgical recovery period, the HeartNet may help patients experience fewer adverse symptoms.

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