Steve Jobs & Schwarzenegger Push Donor Register

“I'm feeling fine.
  I almost died.” 

HEALTH There are now more than 21,000 Californians on the organ donor waiting list. In 2009 there were 671 liver transplants. Last year Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, was one of 3,400 awaiting liver transplants in California and almost one of over 400 who died waiting. Fortunately he went to Memphis, Tennessee where the ratio of transplants is more favorable. Therefore he is alive to be among the panel of distinguished guests at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Standford who joined voices to issue a plea for organ donation.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed that each organ donor is empowered with the ability to save up to 8 lives and improve the health of 50 others. Eighty percent of those on organ transplant lists are awaiting kidneys. Currently more than 20% of California residents have opted to become an organ donor by checking the appropriate box on their driver's license application form or by signing up online at Through proposed legislation SB3095, DMV employees will be specifically ask whether applicants wish to choose "yes" and become a donor or to consider registration at another time. It is expected that this simple adjustment could double the number of potential organ donors in California.

Of his current health, a thin but thankful Jobs told other transplant survivors who attended the crowded Friday news conference at a Packard auditorium, "I'm feeling fine. I almost died. It's been a pretty good last few months."

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