Women Healing Conferences

Women take twelve steps to alcohol recovery.

ADDICTION Hazelden's Women HealingĀ® conferences help women in recovery integrate the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous into their lives to restore balance and health in their personal, family, and career challenges.

Friday is for Professionals

Day one of Women Healing offers inspiration and education to a broad range of professionals who work with women suffering from addictions. Learn from some of the nation's most respected clinicians and trainers, explore new approaches to women's issues, and leave with practical applications you can implement now. You and your clients will benefit physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Pair new ideas and theories gained on day one with a unique learning and sharing experience on day two. Continuing education hours are offered for attending.

Saturday is for Women in Recovery

Day two of Women Healing offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate recovery. It presents an inspiring, empowering and educational experience for women from all walks of recovery. Whether you work in the recovery field or are a woman in recovery, you will find yourself professionally and personally rejuvenated. Relax and let your spirit soar during this unique day of fellowship and personal growth. It's women supporting women for a full day of sharing, caring, and learning. Use this day also to explore new friendships that can last a lifetime. Continuing education hours are offered for attending.

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