Soy May Benefit Breast Cancer Survivors

“Women with breast cancer who eat more soy are less likely to die or have a recurrence of cancer than women who eat few or no soy products.”

RESEARCH Commenting on an article from, CNN Health begins with that somber statement. It then demonstrates a general opinion reversal among physicians like Sally Scroggs, a registered dietician and senior health education specialist at M.D. Andersons' Cancer Prevention Center in Houston, Texas. "We have gone from saying, 'No soy for breast cancer survivors' to, 'It's not going to hurt,'" Scroggs says. "Now it looks like we can say, 'It may help.'"

Such a promising outlook is based on a 4-year study in Shanghai, China involving over 5,000 women who had undergone a mastectomy. The women consuming 15 grams of soy or more per day had a 29 percent lower risk of dying and a 32 percent decreased risk of breast cancer recurrence.

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