Anaphylaxis From Red Meat

Meat may be the cause of allergic reactions.

RESEARCH Severe allergic reactions to food generally occur within 2 hours. However a study of 60 patients with unexplained severe allergic reactions suggests red meat may trigger the condition 4 or more hours after consumption. As presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology in New Orleans, this condition, once thought to be very rare, may in fact be more common than previously thought.

A study of 60 patients who had unexplained severe allergic reactions suggests that a compound in meat known as alpha-galactose may be the culprit. "We believe that the presence of IgE antibody to this sugar is wider spread in the human population as a whole than we had initially expected," Dr. Scott Commins of the University of Virginia, who led the research.

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