Metabolic Syndrome in Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer

van Waas M, Neggers SJ, van der Lelij AJ, Pieters R, van den Heuvel-Eibrink MM 

RESEARCH As reports on the prevalence of the metabolic syndrome in adult survivors of childhood cancer are scarce, we reviewed the available literature on the components of the metabolic syndrome in adult survivors of childhood cancer. Although there is a lack of studies estimating the prevalence of metabolic syndrome directly, especially prevalence of insulin resistance, obesity, and dyslipidemia is increased in certain groups... Accordingly, it is important to identify the predisposing factors of the metabolic syndrome in cohorts of survivors, to introduce medical interventions, and to subsequently decrease the risk of cerebrovascular and cardiovascular events.

Tags: autoimmune disease, cardiologist, cardiology, clinical trial study, chubby, diet, endocrinologists, endocrinology, fat, heart, illness, metabolism syndrome, obese, obesity, overweight, physiology, research


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