Prepares for Dermatology Conference

RESEARCH Scientific posters prepared by will be on display at the 68th Annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology March 5-9, 2010 at the Miami Beach, Florida Convention Center.

Since 2008, the AAD has been featuring ePosters as an ecological effort to reduce waste and minimize congestion by delivering content digitally. Kiosks allow attendees to search for relevant content. Authors are also scheduled for a 5-minute summation while the ePoster is displayed on a large screen. Posters and abstracts are available online to AAD members. The following titles have been prepared by for Neutrogena Corporation:

  • Safety and Efficacy Study of Sunscreen for Infants and Children, P1610, McCollum A, et al.
  • Efficacy and Substantitivity Evaluation of a Sunscreen Formulation for People Conducting Sporting Activities in a High-UV Intensity Locale, P1611, Rigel D, et al.
  • Quantifying the Effect of Makeup on Facial Attractiveness, P1616, Cula GO, et al.
  • The Relevance of High SPF Products in the Real-World Part 1. The Concept and the Use of SPF in Sunscreen Comparison, P1617, Huyang H, et al.
  • Facial Moisturizer Featring Biomimetic Signaling Technology From a Bi-Mineral Complex Reduces Skin Laxity, P1625, Hornby SB, et al.

The poster to watch may be the one on The Relevance of High SPF Products, as it quantitatively debunks misconceptions of consumers and professionals who equate SPF and its relationship to how much UV damaging rays it can block. can help you prepare your next scientific poster presentation.