CyberKnife for “Inoperable” Tumors

TECHNOLOGY The CyberKnife Center of Philadelphia presents an entirely new approach to radiosurgery. Many tumors that were previously inoperable can now be treated using this revolutionary new technology.

CyberKnife Technology

CyberKnife® is the only FDA approved completely Robotic Stereotactic Radiosurgery System available in the world that targets and destroys small and previously inaccessible tumors or lesions anywhere the body.

As a non-invasive "operation," CyberKnife has proven to be an effective alternative to surgery or conventional radiation for treating vascular abnormalities, tumors, functional disorders, and cancers with sub-millimeter accuracy. CyberKnife gives renewed hope and the possibility of a better quality of life, especially for patients with tumors previously diagnosed as inoperable, and for those who have already received the maximum amount of radiation through other treatment methods.

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