iTunes Apps for Research

Organize, research, list, track, send retrieve all from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Here you will find the best of the best. Don't forget the mobile version of

Organize Description
Awesome Notes | + Todo Note taking app and task manager with custom categories and due dates
Convert | Utility A unit converter and calculator designed with beauty in mind
Documents ToGo | Mobile Office Suite Edit, create and view Microsoft Word and Excel files; view PowerPoint; send files via email
The Elements of Style Best-known prescriptive treatments of English grammar by Strunk & White
Groups | Contact Management Beautiful, powerful Drag & Drop groups for contact organization and mass email
Inqusitor | Reference Simple Web and news search
Maildash | Email Templates Send quick customized email and SMS with or without mailmerge fields
Notify Me | Push Reminders Personal Todo reminder using iPhone Push technology
Put Things Off | Todo Quickly and easily collect tasks, put them off or mark them done
Wards | Patient Tracker Keep track of patients in SOAP note format
Research Description
3D Brain | Medical Zoom in and around 29 different structures, with case studies
The Chemical Touch Interactive table of elements
Epocrates Drug formularies from a leader in mobile clinical software
Human Body 3D Anatomy Rotate 9 systems and 5 senses
Medscape Subsribers have all the clinical answers in the palm of your hand
Molecules | Reference Manipulate 3D renderings
Muscles Trigger Points 70+ muscles, 100+ trigger points
Promega | Reference Info for life scientists, including molecular biology calculators, tips, protocols, and multimedia
PubSearchPlus | Reference Quickly search millions of index PubMed research papers
Random Pose | Anatomy More than 19000 poses for drawing study
WolframAlpha Scientific calculator and statistical data
File Storage Description
Air Sharing Pro $10 | Free Email
Briefcase $5 | File Storage | No Email
iStorage $6 | File Storage | No Email
MobileMe iDisk Free App | $99 Year (to be discontinued in 2012)
Book Readers Description
Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Barnes & Noble eReader
Kindle for iPhone eReader
Stanza eReader