Images for Clinical Posters

Time constraints and budgets can make licensing existing photos or illustrations an attractive option. may license specific images in your behalf, be commissioned to produce custom art or customers may be advised to establish an account through one of the online stock image agencies. (Some are listed on this page.) Selected images are placed in a "lightbox" for viewing. can obtain low-resolution images from this lightbox in order to prepare layouts. When the customer is satisfied with the selection and positioning, the customer can pay appropriate licensing fees directly to the stock image agency.

Company Site Description
A.D.A.M. Images Nearly 30,000 medically accurate images ready for licensed download
DermIS | Dermatology Images Largest dermatology information service on the Internet
Dermnet | Dermatology Pictures Browse clinical examples of multiple skin diseases to aid in positive diagnosis
MediVisuals, Inc. | Custom and Stock Medical illustrations and animations
Netter Images Anatomical medical illustrations
Nucleus Custom medical illustrations
Nucleus | Catalog Medical reference library
PunchStock | Photos & Artwork Vast library of general images including those related to medicine
Wolters Kluwer Health Anatomical and stock medical art
ZYGOTE | 3D Science Human anatomy and stock medical art