How do I check the status of my order?


You may type "order status" into the Find field in the online store to access the status page. You will need the email address used on the order in question and the order number provided on your receipt. If you do not have this information, use the contact form or phone to request it. After you have logged in, you will be able to see, by means of a graphic bar (desktop version) or text the current status. For your safety, credit card numbers and associated billing addresses are omitted.

While an order is active, it is possible to append comments for the customer service department. This is useful for answering questions about card authorization since the comments remain on the secure server and are not transmitted via email. If you need to send an email, a button is available to address a message to the appropriate department and populate the subject field with the order number.

When a shipment has left its destination, you can easily track the status by clicking on its tracking number on the status page. You may also print out a duplicate copy of your invoice after delivery. It's may also be used in advance of receiving your order to expedite a reimbursement if required. The status page is optimized for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.