What information should I provide?

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Optional handouts or CD slide show presentations may be prepared.

If you just want clinical poster printing and already have your poster formatted as you desire, you may complete the appropriate information on the Work Order page. Email a PDF poster to upload [at] clinicalposters [dot] com.

For premium service, completion of an output worksheet is appreciated. It includes checkboxes for selecting various presentation materials you may desire. ClinicalPosters.com prepares a layout from final approved text provided in Microsoft Word (file suffix: doc, docx, rtf, or txt). Arrange text in sequential order within Word documents but do attempt to layout the page with columns as it will appear on the poster. Submit accompanying plot data for charts produced within Microsoft Excel and properly licensed high-resolution digital images. The event URL (website) is helpful. You proofread and approve the layout before ClinicalPosters.com prints.