Should I design my own clinical poster?

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There's a Difference Between Clinical Posters and Anatomy Posters

Anatomy posters are generally preprinted (though custom designs are possible). Clinical posters are not necessarily related to anatomy. They generally convey results of clinical research and are presented to a specific audience at scheduled conferences. can print files provided by customers or prepare custom designs from provided text and spreadsheets.

Method 1:  We Print Your Posters

    Prepare single-page document(s) in your application of choice. Prepay online and include additional output instructions on the Work Order form. Email the poster PDF for output. File is scaled as large as possible within dimensions you provide and printed on quality papers.

    Pros: Fast (3 days*); inexpensive   |   Cons: Quality depends on customer art

Method 2:  We Design Then Print Your Posters

    The emphasis is on quality -- how to make your research stand out in a crowd. A layout is prepared from your data. You proofread and approve the layout before posters are printed for you. Optional handouts, booklets or discs may be included.

    Pros: High quality, great presentation   |   Cons: Lengthier (9 days*); moderate cost

* Work completion times are averages.