Can posters be laminated?

Laminated Clinical or Scientific Posters

Yes. Lamination of custom clinical posters is used. It guards against surface abrasion on posters handled frequently or that may come into contact with moisture and preserves colors longer.

For environment-conscious consumers, recyclable Premium Archival Matte paper is offered. Water-resistant polypropylene banners may be accepted by some recycling facilities. The lamination used is also made of polypropylene.

Laminated Medical Anatomy Wall Posters

Occasionally anatomy posters are ordered from the warehouse preassembled with 1.5 mil lamination and metal eyelets (grommets) in each top corner for convenient wall hanging or use with chart display stands. To expedite some orders, paper posters may be laminated locally with 3 or 5 mil coating. Laminated posters without grommets can be framed. They are markable (write-on/wipe-off) with dry-erase markers. If you are going to put the chart on an office or classroom wall, they hang nicely without premature yellowing. When ordering a customized large quantity of 1000 or more anatomy posters, lamination and grommets are optional.